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We are a disabled veteran company that has over 40 years of experience in the food and beverage category.

We provide an all-inclusive Juice and Beverage program, and 24-hour service.

The ability to provide equipment and service is not difficult to do. What gives US Dispense an advantage is our ability to provide a service along with base access. We have years of experience in this arena.

US Dispense offers several different options in Juice dispensing equipment.
Dispensers are available in two and four flavours. Some options that are available within these dispensers are:
•Portion control
•Flavour lock outs
•Illuminated front panel
•Extended splash panel
•Lowered drip tray for filling pitchers

US Dispense offers free use of a dispenser along with service for qualified customers.
We also sell refurbished and new IMI juice dispensers.